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Get Fit Health GuidesGet Fit Health Guides

Get Fit Health Guides
In development we will be adding health guides on a variety of topics that will help you cut through the baloney and get to the heart of what works, and how to put the information into practice. So check in and stay informed.

There are many approaches to getting fit and many people at different phases of life wanting to feel their best as they may have already experienced or want to experience for the first time.

Your quest will be to find what works for YOU and what is attainable. The saying you can do anything you put your mind to holds truth. If you believe it, and you commit to it, it shall be yours in due time.

2 Things to Help You Get Fit Faster
Exercise will accelerate unwanted fat and weight loss. The fact is as you build muscle you will burn MORE fat.

Why Does Muscle Burn More Fat?
Because the body has to burn more calories to maintain muscle at rest. It takes more calories to maintain muscle than fat. And, in doing so your body will also speed up your metabolism.

Which Burns More Fat, Cardio or Strength Training?
The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, found that an hour long strength training workout burned an extra 100 calories in the 24 hours afterward than those who did a cardio based workout. It doesn’t mean to give up cardio but it does encourage strength training.

How Important is Diet When Getting Fit?
Diet is the key. Your can’t workout for an hour and then gorge yourself on a pizza and expect to see healthy gains. As a rule of thumb, diet is 75% of your weight loss while exercise is 25% according to more than 700 studies. Eat smart and complement it with exercise.