1. How long will it take to notice a difference?

To see a difference in your weight will depend on your plan and your ability to stick with it. There are so many different diet plans. Some are carb restrictive, and that has been the fad for many years. Some have your fasting while other programs have you reduce your portions.
Everyone is different and at a different starting point. Some may have a goal to lose 10 pounds while another like would like to lose 150 lbs. For each it will be a different journey.

Eat more frequently. Include healthy snacks between your meals.

Secondly, eat your biggest meal in the morning and your smallest meal in the evening. Those two things are simple habits that will make your weight loss much easier to get the best abs. Most people who work for a living are unable to eat several meals at their work place. Usually it is just lunch. So plan on a 10:00 am snack or one between your big breakfast and lunch. And do the same between lunch and dinner. Eating more frequently and consuming the right/calorie/fat/protein snacks will help you lose weight. You could notice a difference within two weeks. I lost 8 lbs in two weeks doing this.

2. Do I have to count calories?

Counting calories is hard. You should keep a diary and that is easy.
Just write down everything you eat during the day and note the time. It will be easier to count calories if you plan your meals in advance.

Take a look at the labels of the food your eating and that will give you the information you are collecting. Their again it will be a challenge to know if you ate something that is 6 oz or 7 oz. by visually looking at it. Count as much as you can and estimate the portions. It is a good practice but challenging to maintain the habit, especially if you eat out a lot.

If you are not familiar with measuring your portions and counting calories then use common sense and the fist measurement as a rule of thumb.

The fist rule of thumb is eating a portion that will fit in the palm of your hand. If you have the capability to count your calories it would provide a road map to your weight problem and clue you in as to how to fix it.
You will make progress much faster when it is easy to see where you are eating wrong. Numbers will tell the story. That is why it is imperative to keep a diary. I would urge you to make a good effort to count your calories for the the first month. It will give great insight to you rather than from a book or the latest TV diet fad.

3. Do I have to join a Gym?

It is not necessary to join a gym. It may be a bit intimidating if you have never been a member before. The good thing is you see other people that share the same goal as you – getting rid of belly fat and getting into shape.
You also learn some new exercises, join some classes and consider getting a trainer to get you started. Gyms will usually provide you with a trainer for a short period of time, like a trial so you can get accustomed to all the equipment and class schedule.

There is a mental benefit for going to the gym. You know when your there it is time to work out. There are less distractions than would normally occur at your home. If the gym does not seem like an option to you then there are some good options for working out at the home.

One thing I learned from working out at home. It is a better workout when you have a video to follow. It tends to push me harder than I would normally work out. It keeps me focused. So if you are going to stay at home then get yourself some videos to follow.

4. Can I drink alcohol?

An occasional drink is ok. Some drinks are better than others.
Wine is going to be the better alcohol to consume. A beer is going to add between 110-150 additional calories per 12 oz. In some diet plans their is a cheat day, where you can consume your favorite foods and during this time enjoy your beverage.

5. How many calories should I consume?

That is going to depend on your current situation. One way to factor your caloric intake is to utilize several mathematical indicators, Body Mass Index (BMI). This will help you figure out where your at in calorie intake and what target to shoot for.

The indicator will show that you can maintain your weight keeping your caloric intake around the same on a daily basis. That is why you will get to a certain weight and then remain there for years.
When you know what your number is THEN… you can than make adjustments into your food consumption to easily start to lose weight. Believe it or not you can actually eat more and consume less calories. It is simply educating yourself and then executing the plan. That is the purpose of bestabsdiet.com website.

6. How can I eat more and lose weight?

Simply by eating less calorie dense foods like, chips, salty snacks, crackers, essentially, foods that do not have much moisture.

Foods that contain a lot of water such as soups, and salads (lettuce). Most fruits and vegetables pack less calories, so before each meal eat a salad or soup to fill some space in your belly. Watch the sodium content in the soups, they can be excessively high and counter productive.

Secondly, eat good healthy snacks between your meals. The trick is to eat 4-6 meals a day. Most people are on the standard 3 meal a day schedule plan. If that’s you then you need to add two snacks in between your meals. Good healthy snacks between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner. Depending on what time you eat at night (the earlier the better) you may have one additional snack in the evening. Just make sure it is a good healthy
one. Check the snack list.

7. What is the fastest way to lose weight?

Reduce your calorie intake and increase your activity.

Plan your meals and maintain your snack between meal regimen. That will keep your body fueling digestion essentially keeping your motor running as opposed to stopping and starting. Research shows that good snacks between meals keeps your metabolism running and is better calorie burning efficiency.

Your activity matters. For every pound of muscle you maintain your body burns 50 calories naturally. So if you add 6 pounds of muscle you would burn an additional 300 calories off during your day. That’s why making a few changes to your eating patterns and activity will promote faster weigh loss.

8. Do I have to stop eating my favorite foods?

Well if that’s cake, ice cream, pizza and cheese burgers, then yes. However depending on your plan you can have a cheat day or meal. You don’t want to be so restrictive as to you give up soon after you begin to look great. Just be reasonable about it and try not to make it a bad habit. Your trying to get the best abs right? Keep your goal in mind when facing temptation.

9. How do I control my cravings?

Create better habits and use good substitutes. (see snacks)
Secondly, have a cheat meal at the end of the week if you did a good job on your plan during the week. It’s OK to reward yourself.

Remember you have to keep your mind focused and trained on eating better. Once you arrive at a ripped set of abs after months of hard work your mental momentum will keep you going. Take your shirt off and admire your flat tummy. While your looking at your abs consider whether you want those extra calories from that giant piece of chocolate cake.

10. What kind of snacks can I eat?

Vegetables for sure and some fruits are good depending on where your at in your program. I like edamane, soy beans in the pods. You can boil or steam them for a few minutes. I add sea salt and a little pepper and eat them right out of the pod. Very nutritious and they taste great. Some protein bars are good. Hummus on celery is good as well as peanut butter. Try to find organic or natural peanut butter. Most commercial brands contain a lot of sugars in one form or another.

Beef jerky or turkey jerky for your salty side provides decent protein, however be aware of the preservatives. Sliced turkey, roast beef are good alternatives. I will pack that in my lunch and eat roast beef or turkey slices at my a.m. snack or afternoon p.m. snack.

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