Do you have a friend who can really throw down some food and seemingly never gain a pound? They can eat fast food, and eat far more than you, and yet no weight gain.


Well forget the envy. It has to do with your genetics and your metabolism. Some people are blessed with great genetics and  photo Female pink top open middle 3wk diet abs 3x2.pngseemingly don’t even have to exercise to maintain a great physique.


The rest of us have to eat properly and exercise to try to stay even with the blessed. So accept it and let’s talk about how to turn up your metabolism so it’s running as efficiently as a Swiss time piece.


Simply stated your daily caloric intake maintains your current weight. Now if you did some activity outside of your normal calorie day, such as playing tennis for a couple of hours, you will probably lose a pound or two over a short amount of time. It’s a matter of creating a calorie deficit that will cause weight loss.

Cutting back on your daily caloric intake or adding exercise would cause a weight drop. Combining the two approaches would have the optimum effect.


Be careful here by not cutting back on too many calories too quickly and in an unbalanced approach. What I mean by unbalanced is totally cutting out carbs for instance. You inadvertently may deplete the natural energy you get from foods and feel lethargic. That would in effect slow your metabolism down. Eating less would also slow your metabolism down as well.


We need to fine tune your metabolism to get you to burn more calories than normal in a day while also giving you ample energy. Several factors come into play here.


1. Get enough Sleep – it is well known the average adult is not getting a full 8 hours of rest. That leaves the body running sluggish. A sluggish body burns fewer calories. A resting body also allows for the human growth hormone to counter the effects of daily stress. Daily stress releases the hormone cortisol which causes you to store fat.


2. Proper Diet – there are several issues here, such as a diet of consistent fast food or processed foods.  Any foods that are not natural are going to slow your system down. Try to eat good food, organic if possible. Cut out sugars, all soft drinks including diet, white flour products, and fried foods for starters. Get some fish into your diet along with lean meats.


You need protein to build muscle. The more muscle you carry the less fat you carry. Your body will burn 3500 calories to maintain 1lb. of muscle. It will even burn those calories while at rest. Eating smaller portions frequently to speed up the metabolism.


3. Exercise – our bodies were meant to be active. Technology has created a lot of conveniences causing much less physical activity.  To get into really good shape you will need some resistance training as well as some form of cardio training. The more active you get the better you will feel. It will also speed up your metabolism. Resistance training has shown to cause the body to burn calories up to 24 hours after doing the exercise.


Combining these three steps will fine tune your metabolism. Upping your metabolism will in turn burn more calories and effectively start burning fat.
The 3 Week Diet