Quick Steps to Losing Weight

A Diet implies a sacrifice of the  pleasurable experience of eating. Eating less, cutting out all the good stuff that we like to eat.

Consuming different foods that may be good for us but just doesn’t have the flavor or possibly the consistency that we enjoy is the hardest part about dieting.

So how do you convince your mind that dieting is good. You have to change the way you view dieting and get your mind to buy into it.

Everything we do in life is governed by two things, pleasure and pain. Your mind will gravitate away from pain and towards pleasure most assuredly. Eating high fat carb saturated sugarly stuff is delicious to the senses. It is horrible for the wasteline. So cutting back on that yummy stuff causes our mind to think pain, and leaves us craving. The key is to get the mind to convince that the yummy stuff is poison to our system. Substitute good foods and snacks to stop the craving.

So it becomes a matter of getting leverage on yourself. The mind needs to believe that eating the German chocolate cake is more painful than pleasurable. So we need to think with our love handles or thighs instead of our tongues. How hard is it going to be to get that additional layer of fat off from consuming that 400 calorie piece of cake?

Depending on your stature it may take you jogging five miles to burn those 400 calories of chocolate cake.  That’s a long way for a piece of cake. That is painful.

You need to convince the mind that the cake is more painful then pleasurable. Get leverage on the mind and you will succeed with losing weight.

In order to gain leverage on your mind you will need to define what your body is going to look like if you continue in the same pattern of diet. Your going to have to take some action. Not just think it in your mind that you will do it. You need to write it down and define why it will be painful if you don’t change your diet patterns. The WHY is very important.

Step 1. Write down at least 5 reasons why you need to eat better. Better yet would be 10 reasons. Write down what is important to you. What will you look like if you continue to eat all the yummy stuff? Will your clothes feel tight to you? Will you have to go out and buy the next size up? How does that make you feel that you have to go out and spend money on clothes because you won’t make the effort to eat better? Can you see the look in friends eyes who haven’t seen you in a while? How do you feel after you have eaten a hearty portion of fast food or a pizza? Can you feel the bulge in your bloated waste? What do you think the effects are on your arteries and heart? Will this poor eating cause a heart attack in your future? You need to associate the junk eating with all the bad emotions.

This is the beginning of the mind shift. Once this association is cemented you are on your way to achieving the body of envy. Create the reasons important to you. WRITE it down!!!

Step 2.  Write down at least 5 reasons (10 is better) why you will feel pleasure when you change your diet program. Don’t you love the feeling when you know people are checking you out because you have a fabulous figure? Can you see it? Can you invision it?  How will you feel when you buy the next size down and you fit comfortably into a whole new wardrobe? You will feel brand new with new clothes sporting your new figure. You will have a new abundance of energy. You will feel good on the inside which will give you a new glow and a new confidence. You will walk proud and feel good. You will look forward to the next social event. And you will hear huge praise from those long lost friends you haven’t seen you in a while. They will tell you life is treating you good. All because you made a new association. Eating good gives you so much more than eating bad. You just have to make the new associations and make them stick. That is why you WRITE them down!!!

Step 3. Create a diet journal. If you keep a journal of what you eat you will have a better chance of hitting your goals. The food journal will give you an idea of your calorie intake. You can make adjustments in your diet as you go. The important thing here is to notice how you feel after you have eaten something. This will clue you in to how your body reacts to certain foods. For example, if you love to eat pasta, how do you feel after a big plate of spaghetti? Do you get tired, sleepy, lethargic? Do you feel a little bloated? Write it down. If the answer is yes to those questions then you know either you are eating too much pasta in one sitting or the carb load is too much for your system. The important thing is to record what you have eaten and how you felt after. More than likely you will feel better if you had eaten a piece of char grilled chicken over a salad for lunch than a huge plate of pasta and bread.  Keep recording in your journal. Over time you will recogonize patterns of foods and their effects on you. You can then  make adjustments in your diet plan. That gained knowledge will put you on track and keep you there for the rest of your life. You know your body better than anyone. You need to pay attention to what it is telling you.

WRITE it down and review it!

Step 4. Find a substitue for your favorite bad food. Again review your pain and pleasure reasons. After you have been dieting regularly and feeling good, you may have the feeling of wanting to reward yourself. Your mind begins to play the game. You have sacraficed. You are looking good. You can eat the pizza. It’s only one big mac and fries. I haven’t had chocolate cake in six months. Reasoning begins to weaken actually because you have been successful. Review your pain and pleasure reasons and reinforce them. Review your journal and notice what worked and what didn’t. Find a substitute for your pizza. Find a healthy pizza to eat and watch your portion control. Use a turkey burger in place of that big mac.

Use wheat bread or multi grain bread instead of white. Drink tea or water with lemon instead of soda.  There are many sugarly substitues for that chocolate cake. Find you substitutes early on in your program so that when confronted with the temptation you have a better solution that not only tastes good but is good for you.