Strategic Eating to to Burn Belly Fat

Healthy foods hard boiled eggs and vegetablesThere are times when you seem like you’re working your tail off but you’re not seeing the results you were hoping for. Don’t give up, or eat your frustrations through some sugary fat laden goodie.

Make a few slight adjustments to your diet and keep attacking your workouts.

1. Always eat breakfast and focus on eating protein. Eggs, turkey bacon, cottage cheese, etc., will help get your metabolism started. It will stabilize your blood sugar and minimizing insulin spikes.  It also helps you to not over eat or spontaneously binge.

2, Resistance training according to some studies, is actually better than cardio for burning fat. Working out with some form of weights or resistance bands helps build your muscles. Your body will burn more calories maintaining muscle than fat.

3. Intense short cardio blasts or interval training followed by less intense cardio will fire up your metabolism. 

4. It’s very important to get enough rest to give your body proper recovery. The human growth hormone can only be produced during the hours of sleep. It replenishes the cells and increases your metabolic rate by 15 – 20%. Lack of rest will have you feeling lethargic the next day. Your metabolism will naturally slow down and you’ll burn fewer calories.

5. A natural way to burn calories and speed up your metabolism is to mix lean proteins like chicken or fish with complex carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables. The food mix will transform nutrients and you’ll build muscle and burn fat through the digestive process.

6. Certain spices and foods can give a boost to your metabolism, such as hot peppers, spices, green teas and caffeine.