AB Myths

Most people admire a flat firm set of ab muscles but do not know how to get it. Let’s face it looks great and you can’t help look at someone with a tight firm stomach in both admiration and envy. The question is if you could obtain the coveted six pack abs? Are you willing to work for it? How bad do you want it?

Abs Myth 1 – Doing a bunch of ab work such as crunches or sit ups will give you a great set of abs. Nope…that’s not going to happen. In order to get great abs you need to do three things.

1. Eat better- you could call it a diet. You need to make it a lifestyle if your going to keep your great abs. So learn how to eat and what to eat. It won’t be a total sacrifice if you do it correctly. You can have your cheat foods (see snack ideas) provided you eat a little less to compensate.

2. Cardio work – if you got fat covering your abs then your going to need to work it off to begin to see your abs. In addition you can work the muscle (see abs exercises)and bring them out. It’s a process.

3. Work your abs 3-5 times a week or like you would with your other body parts. You don’t need to work them every day. You don’t want to over train them. You could work them every other day.

Abs Myth 2 – Doing sit ups or crunches are the only exercises you need.
Nope wrong again. You abs are made up of 8 different muscle groups. Keeping it simple you have lower, middle and upper abs. Then you have your internal and external obliques or love handles. You need to work each and every section. See Best Ab exercises for ideas to work the entire muscle group.

Abs Myth 3 – You have to do hundreds of repetitions. No, you have to do proper technique. You will find in doing the different exercises done properly you will be in lactic burning pain as you approach rep number 25. If you can get it to rep 50 you will be doing ab tastic.

I would also emphasize that when your start your ab workout, don’t stop. Go from one exercise to the next with no breaks. See how long you can go before having to stop. Can you make 15 minutes? Not if your a beginner and doing proper technique. Who cares about the number of reps you do. You need to care about the burn your get from doing the work. No pain no gain, right? Don’t worry about the reps, make it count, do it right and feel the burn.

Abs Myth 4 – You can spot reduce your gut. You can’t choose where to lose the fat. Sorry it doesn’t work that way. You have to lower your fat percentage. The only way that is going to happen is by what you eat and your cardio work. Have you ever seen a really ripped girl or guy that had fat else where on there body? Ain’t gonna happen!

Abs Myth 5 – you can take pills or supplements to reduce your gut. More than likely your fat didn’t accumulate from eating a pill. Your fat accumulated from what you ate and a lack of exercise to burn it off. I wouldn’t support the belief you can take a diet pill and succeed. You don’t need more foreign chemicals in your body. Learn to do it the healthy way. You got taste buds for a reason, so eat, but eat good food, food that’s good for you. You just have to learn what is best for your body. Check out the journal section to get some ideas on how to learn what to feed your body.

Abs Myth 6 – you can eat less and lose a ton of weight. While that is true it is not healthy. You will be robbing your body on nourishment. You will not build muscle you will deplete it first. The fat will go last as you body hits the freak out button that you are starving. It will do everything it can to survive and in that process it will hang on to fat the longest and burn the muscle first. Don’t try to look like a skinny bony model. It is very unhealthy. And why not just eat good food, high protein low fat food that will make you feel and look better anyway?


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