Don’t damage your healthy eating by sabotaging it with bad choices at a fast food joint.

Eat smart when you find yourself in having to choose your next meal from a fast food menu using these tips.

Fast Food Guide

1. Avoid anything fried including salad toppings. If it is a chicken salad, ask for the grilled or broiled chicken. For the dressing on the salad choose oil and vinegar and stay away from the creamy stuff. Always ask for your dressing on the side.

2. Drink water with your meal. To flavor it up ad lemon and sweetener if you must. Avoid the 32 oz big gulp. A big gulp of coke will add about 425 calories to your meal.

3. Control the condiments on your sandwich. Try to avoid the mayonnaise. Flavor your food limiting the gooey stuff you spread all over it.

4. Ask to have your food broiled or steamed over foods cooked in oil or butter. 

5. Watch portion size. Never go for the biggie because its a better deal. Its not a better deal for your waistline. An average fast food meal could be a 1000 calorie intake. Opt for vegetables instead of french fries.

6. Hold the salt. Most fast foods are loaded with sodium, a major contributor to high blood pressure.

7. Avoid the buffets. You will tend to gorge yourself with the intent of getting your moneys worth. If in a social situation you find yourself at a buffet, go for the vegetables, salads, fruits, again avoid the creamy stuff. Chew slowly and savor each bite. Wait 20 minutes after each visit to the trough. That will give your body time to register if you are still hungry.