Tame Your Sweet Cravings with these Healthy Abs Diet Solutions


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In order to be successful in your journey for six pack abs or a flat stomach you going to have to get control of your cravings. Apparently a lot of people have a craving for something sweet or salty from time to time.

I typically have a sweet craving on a daily basis right after a meal. I’m not sure why that happens but it seems my brain says ok, time for the sweet stuff. It could be from family tradition of having dessert after a meal as I was taught growing up. My body may be conditioned for my sweet reward after eating all of my yucky vegetables. So what can you do, to keep it healthy while solving “the surge of sweet urge?”

1. Try a sweet piece of fruit for your dessert. Strawberries and low fat or sugarless cream is very tasty and good for you.

2. Cut up a pear, apple or banana and put 1 tsp of raw natural honey on top. You could also sprinkle on some granola for added crunch. Or for an extra protein shot add (1 tsp) some natural peanut butter.

3. Sweet potato chips – peel the potato and cut them up like French fries or thin chips. Sparingly coat them with butter or olive oil. I personally like the olive oil. For added zest sprinkle some chili powder on them and bake at 250-300 degrees for about 20 minutes depending on how you cut them.

4. Lemonade- add 1 cup of lemon juice to 3 to 4 cups of water. Add some Stevia to sweeten to taste. Throw some ice in a blender and add the lemonade and blend for a frozen slurpee treat. Make the lemonade a little sweeter if you’re going to blend with the ice as it will dilute it a bit.

5. Mix some almond or natural peanut butter with some organic apple sauce while adding a sprinkle of cinnamon.

6. Add some delicious tasting almond butter, macadamia, cashew or sesame seed butter to top your fruits. It’s also great on a multi grain bagel or whole wheat english muffin and a nice change from peanut butter.

7. Add crushed pineapple to cottage cheese, yogurt, or ricotta cheese for a sweet way of getting some protein into your body. I like to add some blue berries and occasionally a sprinkle of granola to the mix.

8. Make a smoothie. To make it extra creamy freeze your bananas (Peel them first). Blend a frozen banana, low fat milk and frozen strawberries. Add protein powder if you have it. Vanilla protein powder works best with these ingredients. For an extra boost of protein throw in a raw egg or two. Don’t freak out, you can’t even taste the eggs. I don’t worry about salmonella either. I’ve been doing this well over 20 years with no problems and is a way to boost your daily protein intake.

9. 1 piece of dark chocolate with a dab of almond butter or one of the butters mentioned in #6.

10. Sugar free jello pudding is a nice cool treat. I like pistachio. I use low fat milk. I like to dip raspberries in the pudding for a really tasty and healthy snack.

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