How Celebrity’s Lose Weight in a Hurry

Celebrity’s have a huge advantage over the general public…they have money and time. Money allows them to hire a professional to take care of their diet needs as well as give them advice and motivation to get them training and burning the fat off. The professionals know exactly what to do to get the fat coming off. Just watch an episode of biggest loser.

If they are preparing for a movie then they will have time constraints. They have the added pressure of having to look good in their part or risk not getting the job in a lot of cases. So their motivation can be directly tied to their livelihood. That is powerful.

What is your motivation in comparison? You want to look good in a bikini this summer. Ok, that’s motivation. The point is you need to have some motivation so you have the conviction and commitment that the Hollywood stars have. Motivation or conviction is obstacle number one.

The Hollywood stars are willing to get up at 4:00am to get their workouts in before being on the set at 6:00am. Do you have the same conviction?

Are you willing to commit 60 minutes a day of training for 6 days a week no matter your schedule? Are you willing to work out so hard that you cannot do another single rep of an exercise?

That is the sacrifice a lot of the celebrity’s are willing to do to have those beautiful bodies. Most of us have not been graced with the heredity to have a naturally tight muscular physique. Therefore we have to bust our tails to get there. And the older we get the harder it is due to our metabolism slowing down.  So obstacle number two is exercise or the time to exercise.

Are you willing to preplan and shop for your meals or do you have a personal chef that will handle the task? You will have to learn what to eat and when to eat. That is the purpose of the You will have to give up all the junk, fat belly food in exchange for nutritious food.

You will have to eat between 3-6 meals a day and yes that means breakfast especially. Breakfast is where you will eat the most carbohydrates of your day. If you are eating three portion nutritionally correct meals then you will need to include two snacks in between those meals. This keeps your metabolism running which aids in burning the fat. As you work out and begin to add muscle you will speed up the fat burning process.

Diet is the third obstacle you will need to overcome to have a body like a celebrity. Depending on the schedule a celebrity has designated breaks where they can get a meal in. Those meals are pre-planned for sure if they got a trainer they are working with. Some have chefs and even have the meals prepared at a kitchen and brought to them. How spoiled!

The rest of us mortals have to pre-plan our schedules and exercise routines. It’s a little more time consuming. Once you are committed you will make time for it and get exceptionally organized.

The best part is when you are getting dressed and you see your new improved body in the mirror. All that sacrifice becomes worth it. And slightly better than that is when your turning heads in public with that firm tight body of yours.