Simple Steps of Dieting and Exercise that will bring about your Abs

Front view of female abs in colorful clothesIf you want a flat stomach, you need to keep in mind that are bodies respond differently from one another. The concepts suggested here are basics that are known to work if followed. Realize that there is no single approach alone that works. Dieting alone will go a long way, but you will need to do some exercise if you want to display a flat tummy or the extreme of six pack abs.

In addition, just abdominal exercises will not get you to where you want to go. It will need to be a combination of body exercises that will give you the flat stomach the quickest and with the sharpest of detail.

The combination of exercises should be cardio, strength training, and core work. That is the winning combination. The trick is finding the right mix for you to get you into ultimate shape.

Trainers are good at understanding your goals and then crafting a workout routine to get you there.
If the gym is not your thing, then you can look at some available home programs like P90X (I have tried and like the P90X system).

Another system worth looking into is Insanity program that is a hard core cardio program. The question to ask yourself is what are you willing to do in order to get the flat stomach or fitness you covet. Think in terms of time, money and level of commitment.

You need to consider your exercise regimen to be an hour commitment 5-6 days a week if you are serious about getting a flat stomach or want to push it to six pack abs. The intensity of the training will be displayed.

Money will be another commitment and can vary from buying a jump rope, resistance bands, dumbbells or other equipment. Or, hiring a trainer which will probably will be in addition to a gym membership.

And probably the most important part of your flat stomach commitment will be sticking to your diet plan. This will probably be the hardest if you have formed some bad eating habits and don’t have a good eating plan in place. Not to worry though because there are meal planners and mobile apps to help you stay on track.

As you consistently work through your newly committed lifestyle of nutrition and fitness, you will begin to lose belly fat. The fat loss will happen from your entire body and not from one particular area, specifically your abs. It would be nice if you could zero in on your abs, but the body isn’t designed to work that way. That’s probably a good thing because it would look weird to have ripped abs and a 3 chin face.

If you’re overweight when you start your program, you must burn the fat before you’re going to see the muscle. So focus on losing the weight first.

The best approach for this is to attack the problem from several angles. Starting with the basics.

  1. Eat fewer calories. This is not as hard as your thinking. For example, instead of eating a sleeve of Oreo cookies (6), which has 320 calories, try an apple that has a little over 50 calories. The cookie is a simple carb (empty calories), void of nutrition and fiber, thereby only leaving you with a fleeting brief satisfaction. The craving will return (sugar does that) and the calories will accumulate right where you don’t want them. Replace the sweet stuff with fruits and vegetables. It will keep you feeling fuller longer and has nutritional value. Sneak some protein into the mix like crushed pineapple and low fat cottage cheese for a tasty snack.

Always strive to eat protein with your snack. Protein fuels muscle and nutritionally will be a big part in your diet plan. It also is a replacement to junk food which can be classified as anything processed or with multiple ingredients. Look at packaging and read the ingredients. Usually more than three ingredients and it is becoming unnatural. Eating natural foods (no additives) is the healthy approach you want to do. As you plan your meals you should target the bad habit foods and look for adequate healthy replacements to reduce temptation and cheating.

  1. Burn more calories by doing cardio work. Cardio work is what will knock the belly fat off of you quickly.

I knew cardio work was important, but for many years it wasn’t much of a priority for me. It was all about hitting the free weights. I got into decent shape but was still pudgy around the waist in my eyes. The P90X system taught me to work cardio into my routine nearly as much as my strength training. It made a world of difference to me. Cardio exercise will help you burn more calories.

  1. Do strength training. This is resistance training, meaning working out with weights or bands. Challenge your muscles with a form of resistance. The reason this is an important part of your overall program is that the more muscle mass you have the more calories you burn. It takes 3500 calories to support 1 lb of muscle.
  2. Add abs exercises. This is typically were everyone wants to start. Yes, do these exercises, but the cardio and resistance training are equally if not more important. Think of it as being a sculptor. You have a block of concrete and you’re Michelangelo. You’re not going to start chiseling away abs on your block. You’re going to start by shaping the figure first. Then adding the definition. It is important to work these muscles in the same fashion as the rest of your routine. You don’t work your chest muscles every day so you wouldn’t work your abs every day.

You can start your diet plan immediately. Look in the pantry and refrigerator and target foods with sugar, processed (crackers, chips, breads) and heavy carb foods like pastas. You need to think what you’re going to replace them with. What will you eat when you want something sweet? What about something salty? When you eat right those cravings will go away and even hunger.

To get started on the right track and the path to a flat stomach it is highly recommended to get a meal plan in place.

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