Great Diet Plan of Beach Guy with Ripped AbsWith a diet plan you can leverage and maximize your weight loss quest by dialing into metabolism control. Learn to control it and you will amplify losing weight.

A slow metabolism can be somewhat tied to genetics as well as aging, sleep deprivation and a few other factors. You CAN do things to speed it up. A very simple and pleasant way is to simply eat more. Seems contradictory doesn’t it? On one hand you want to limit calories so you lose weight. On the other hand I’m telling you to eat more to speed your metabolism to lose weight.

Let’s dissect eating more while losing the weight. The key here is portion control, followed by frequency and quality. Most importantly eat nutritionally correct. Don’t venture into stuffing yourself with cakes and candy bars in order to feel you’re eating more frequently.

Diet Plan Steps

  1. Reduce your portions at your normal meals, assuming you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  2. Make breakfast your largest meal with the most carbs. Reduce carbohydrates throughout the remainder of the day for the most effectiveness. You want to eat less calories as you progress through your meals with the least at dinner time or last meal of the day. You also don’t want to eat too late as your metabolism naturally slows down.
  3. Add protein and fiber foods (fruits and vegs) for your snacks in between your meals. That’s every couple of hours. So your body will be fed nutritionally dense food every 2-3 hours throughout your day.
  4. Drink plenty of water!! You need to flush and eliminate toxins.
  5. Eliminate the sugars, white flour products (breads, cakes, crackers), and processed foods. Strive to eat foods with 1 ingredient. That will eliminate the additional additives and chemicals.

Each time you eat, the digestive process naturally speeds up your metabolism while taking nutrients and fueling your body. Protein is essential and should be worked into every meal and snack in some form. You need protein to build muscle. In the process of maintaining muscle the body will naturally burn calories.

Eating small meals and good quality snacks between those meals is a good approach to maintaining insulin levels. This is key to burning fat and not storing it. You want to avoid insulin spikes. This method is used by people with diabetes to overcome insulin problems. The other benefit is the burning of calories during the digestive process. You are putting your body to work internally by eating frequently.

Some will argue the eating often approach with the adage the most beautiful people on the planet are models and they hardly eat. The starvation method leads to eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia. The body is thrown into a roller coaster ride of starvation followed by food. This tells your body to store as much fat as possible for survival. Secondly, the influx of food after a starvation period causes a huge insulin spike.  The excess sugar generated in your bloodstream causes the release of insulin to combat the flood of glucose. The excess glucose which cannot be efficiently absorbed into your cells gets stored as fat. This method of feeding actually slows down the metabolism and triggers fat storage. This roller coaster diet plan is typical in the model industry.

For your best abs diet you need to super charge your metabolism with a fat burning workout. Yes it is important to incorporate cardio exercise to lose weight and burn calories. It is equally important to incorporate resistance training (lifting weights or using bands) to speed up your metabolism. Experts will tell you that resistance training is the best way to build lean muscle mass, which speeds up your metabolism. You will get the fattest fat burning, weight loss benefit by doing a combination of cardio and resistance training.

Kick on the After Burners for Maximum Belly Fat Burn

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After burn is not only for jet engines and rockets. In the fitness industry after burn is referred to as the calories that are burned 24-48 hours as the result of recent training. Internally you have accelerated your metabolism. In addition your lean muscle mass improves over time. It takes 3500 calories to maintain 1 lb. of muscle. The more muscle you put on the more it takes for your body to expend energy to maintain. That internal energy is your internal fat burning.
Your abs diet should include a diet plan inclusive of not only good nutritional food but a frequency of eating to maintain your insulin levels while avoiding spikes. This is the internal method of burning fat from the inside. The cardio and resistance training will lead to burning fat from the outside. Do both and get flat abs quicker.

A successful way to develop a good eating plan is to use a meal planner. It will help you get organized in your grocery shopping and eat healthier throughout the week. It will be a tool in your diet plan that you will rely on to reach your weight loss goals and is highly effective.

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