Food for Thought

Adding snacks to your diet is a good thing, provided it is a healthy snack.

Eating is your biggest contributor to your abs program. At some time or another, lets face it, your going to eat a snack to curb your hunger pain or need for munching on something.

Snacking will make you less hungry when its meal time causing you to eat a little less . You want to avoid the sugary and salty snacks and incorporate fruits, vegetables, and nuts as your bodies snack of choice.

Adding some protein to the snack also helps to hold your appetite down longer and helps to balance your glycemic index (insulin levels).

Plan your snacks as you plan your meals. It is easier to keep track of if your counting calories and while you journal your entries. It will also keep you away from the mindless grazing that sometimes occurs when your looking for something to eat but don’t know what.

Is the extra calories worth it from eating a cookie instead of a piece of fruit? If you want that crunchy sugary stuff, substitute it with a protein bar.

Keep in mind that just because its a healthy snack doesn’t mean you can go hog wild and stuff your face. Use moderation with your snacks. Limit yourself to one serving, handful or whatever. Those calories add up too!

Brazilian Nuts and Raisins

Brazil nuts and raisins together contain all the energy (fats and sugars) you need, not giving you the excuse to eat munch-food solely because you need the energy.






Almonds Almonds have good protein and fiber. One ounce of Almonds contains 12% of your daily protein allowance.





Soybeans Soybeans (Edamame)
Steamed or boiled, add some sea salt and pepper and you have a delicious healthy snack. A half cup has 11 grams of protein, 9 grams of fat, 120 calories. Great punch for a little bean. A favorite of Faith Hill.




Greek YogurtYogurt

Carb friendly and a good source of calcium. Excellent mixed with fruit.





Apples, oranges, grapes fruitsApples, Oranges, Grapes
A good source of vitamin C and fiber.






organic peanut butterPeanut Butter on a muti grain bread or cracker. It’s also good on celery or banana. Make sure you get natural and avoid commercial peanut butter.





celery and carrotsCarrots or Celery with hummus. Hummus is squashed chic peas or garbonza beans with lemon and garlic. A very tasty and healthy spread.






cottage cheese and fruitFruit with cottage cheese is good for protein and fiber.




strawberries Strawberries and cottage cheese. You can also sprinkle some flax seed and cinnamon.






PineapplePineapple fresh sliced is always the best choice. Canned pineapple will be enhanced and lose nutritional value. If that’s all you have then add some flax seed and non fat whip cream. Add some frozen blue berries for color and added anti oxidant power and flavor.




pistachio puddingPistachio (sugar free) pudding add a slice of strawberry or raspberry for a delicious snack.








hard boiled eggsHard Boiled Eggs are an easy and great source of protein. 77 calories for 1 large egg, 5gms of fat, 6gms of protein and barley a carb.









Grapefruit is very refreshing, delicious and a good source of vitamin C. Many studies including the Mayo Clinic have been done on grapefruit, most notably the grapefruit diet.