Minimize Your Abs Damage During the Holidays

The holidays are associated with celebration and pleasure which typically leads to overindulgence. It is hard not to give into the tasty temptations, it is bound to happen. So how do you minimize you ab diet damage?

The Best Offense is a Good Defense

1. Don’t go to parties hungry. I always eat something before I go. A simple spinach salad with tuna out of a can makes a good, quick protein meal that is an excellent filler. I find party food is more about tasting good rather than diet conscience. So you can bet a lot of it will be calorie and fat laden.

2. Have a glass of water or V8 before you go. It helps to curb the appetite. You don’t want to go to these parties hungry.

3. Start off with some vegetables like celery, peppers, broccoli, or carrots first. These vegetables are lower in calories than fruit and have less sugars. Avoid or minimize dipping it into the high calorie dressing usually within reach.

4. As you get into other food choices select small portions and eat slow. Following these steps in order to this point would minimize your insulin spikes, an important factor for your abs diet.

5. Moderate you alcohol consumption. Drinks are a huge source of empty calorie consumption. Several drinks with some food and you’re packing a 1000 calorie night pretty easily. Too many of these nights and you will find yourself as robust as Santa.