Top Tips for Losing Belly Fat and Revealing Your Abs

Anyone can get seriously toned abs with the right diet and exercise. The exercises won’t be a bunch of crunches. Crunches are not Six Pack Absgoing to change your body shape at all. Diet is the key. Doing a bunch of crunches without proper diet may actually make you appear larger in the middle. That’s due to having a layer of fat over the muscle. As the muscle grows in strength it will naturally push the rest of your gut out. That can be frustrating. Done correctly, diet and exercise will reduce your middle and tighten up the abs.

What are the best exercises to change your body shape?

To get your body in gear work your core and large muscle groups. Push ups and weighted squats, for starters. Get your routine in a rotation working your primary muscle groups, chest, quads, back, glutes and hamstrings.

What’s most important when getting flat, tight abs, diet, cardio or spot training?

Definitely not spot training. Diet accounts for more than 75% of your abs appearance. So get that squared away first.

Secondly, use resistance training (bands or weights) focusing on the primary groups mentioned above.

Cardio is great to melt the goo off the body. But you need to amp it up on the cardio. Make it intense. Walking on the treadmill watching TV or reading a magazine is for pretenders. To add some intensity to your treadmill, jack up the incline. Then run a full lap as fast as you can. See if you can set the thread to double digits for speed. By the end of that first lap you should be gasping for air. Slow it down, catch your breath. Make adjustments for your next round increasing or decreasing the incline or speed and repeat. You want bursts of cardio intensity for maximum effect.

Which foods are the best at reducing visible bloat in the belly?

Get fried food and saturated fats out of your diet. Try to eliminate sugar, use substitutes when possible. Eliminate white flour products and use grainy foods for replacement.

To burn fat eat green cruciferous vegetables three to four times a day. I find that roasting or grilling vegetables gives them a nice flavor making it more pleasant to eat.

Increase lean protein intake with free range meats and fish. Get fiber into your system like apples, berries and nuts. I buy frozen berries and put a portion in a bowl and eat them frozen. Tastes great! It helps if your taste buds get a treat. It makes sticking to any eating program a lot easier.