How to Lose Weight Fast Before that Big Event showing men and women in group fitness class.

Got an event coming up and you thinking is there a way I can lose weight fast?

Have you been consciously eating better but the scale isn’t budging?

Now, it’s crunch time with your event coming up soon. It’s funny how no one ever wants to lose weight slowly. Obvious right?

If you have at least a few weeks to drop some lbs your in luck.  It’s best to have a plan ready to go and this article is going to give you the tools and resources you need.

Your mind is going to be the critical tool here to get leverage on yourself you will need to see the plan through. You’re going to have to develop some good habits with little leeway for error if your event is around the corner. 

3 Keys to Achieving Weight Loss Success

The mindset is key to achieving success. The second part is the plan, followed by execution.

You need a clear objective! Do you want to lose lbs or lose inches, both?

Assuming you want to lose both, you need to understand your “WHY.” The WHY will be the pillar in your in your mindset. Get clear on it and create supporting ideas on why you need to lose the weight and inches. Here are some thoughts on your why. If you have some different reasons (WHY’s) add them in the comments section at the bottom of the article.

  • I’m single and this is a great opportunity to meet someone.
  • I don’t want to run into people I haven’t seen in a long time being in the worst shape of my life.
  • This event provides the reason I need to finally commit to getting in better shape.
  • Tired of looking and feeling lousy and I want to see a significant difference before the event.
  • I’ve let myself go for too long and I know that I am better than this – it’s time.
  • I know I need to lose at least 10 lbs. 10 lbs would make a difference.

It may help if you have a picture of yourself when you were in great shape to post on the fridge. It will remind you of what is possible and give you something to strive for. It will also stare you down if you try to cheat. Write down at least 2 of your “WHY’s and tape above and below your picture.

You have to believe in the mind, and the body will achieve. At this stage you are making a deal with yourself. It’s a commitment. 

The Plan to Lose Weight Quickly

Creating the plan is your blueprint to success. This sets the course for the next few weeks. It provides the roadmap and rails to keep you on track.

You don’t want to do some crazy fad diet that will end up hurting you nutritionally. You need to be smart about your plan. For example, the lemonade diet.

The lemonade diet is a 3 day diet in which you drink lemonade with maple syrup and cayenne pepper in it. They promoters of this call it a 3 day cleanse. Nutritionally a bad idea as your body will inevitably go into starvation mode and begin to store as much fat as possible. There should be weight loss as you have ingested very little in the way of calories. The problem is it cannot be sustained and the weight will come right back when you return to eating again.

You want your plan to be smart, nutritionally sound and sustainable.

Dr. Michael Dansinger, the doctor who consults with the producers of the NBC hit show, The Biggest Loser, states that people can lose 20-pounds of weight in a week—if they do it right.

Set your time table. For example, tell yourself your are committed to this for 21 days. The magic number for cementing a new habit.

If you have 30 days before your event try this program by Dr. Kareem Samhouri. OR , try this accelerated 2 week program.

The Quick Weight Loss Guide – Rules to be Successful

1. Track what your eat.

Do you know how many calories you currently consume on a daily basis? What you measure is what you can adjust. If you don’t know how many calories you’re taking in or the source of calories then you are simply playing a guessing game. Get serious and monitor your calories. You can use an app or start a food journal.

You need to consume less calories to drop weight. That is the bottom line. 3500 calories = 1lb.

Try this calorie counter for both men and women.

2. Plan your meals:

  • 5-6 smaller meals per day. Portions matter. You are looking to net less calories eating more frequently. Why? Because it keeps you from getting hungry and secondly it keeps your insulin from spiking. Keeping the sugar levels in your bloodstream on an even keel will reduce the excess from being stored in fat cells.
  • Eat a portion of protein with every meal. You want to get lean and build muscle, not lose it. Muscle needs protein to grow. The more muscle on your frame the less fat. Muscle helps to burn fat because the body is forced to maintain it and in effect burns additional calories to do it.
  • Carbs are a big culprit in weight and fat gain. You need carbohydrates, so eat the good ones and dump the bad ones. Eat more low density carbohydrates and less high density carbohydrates. Strive for two green vegetables with every meal. They are low in carbs and will compliment your choice of protein (chicken, beef, fish). It will give you the sensation of eating more with a lot less calories. Avoid the white in food products being, processed sugar, white flour, potatoes, white rice or pasta. These are typically high in carbohydrates and calories. (See How to Cycle Carbs for Massive Fat Loss)
  • Eliminate sugars. Sugars in today’s commercial processed world are sneaky. They are in condiments, salad dressings, crackers, breads, canned goods, beverages and juices. Be on the lookout. (See Sweet Poison eBook)
  • Avoid packaged foods. This should be obvious, Cookies, crackers and other packaged foods are typically calorie heavy and nutritionally light, if not empty of nutrients.
  • Stay hydrated. You need clean purified water to help wash the toxins from your system. You need hydration so the cells function efficiently. Monitor how much you drink. You may be surprised you don’t drink as much water as you thought you did. According to the Mayo Clinic men should drink 3.7 liters (125 ounces/per day and women should drink 2.7 liters (91 ounces).
  • Do not eat the last meal late. Eat before 7pm and don’t eat anything or drink anything that has calories. Why? Because your body naturally slows down as the day progresses with your metabolism slowing as well. It’s harder to burn those calories off. 

3. Exercise will help you accelerate your weight loss.

The more intense your exercise the more you will incinerate your fat.

The fastest way to burn fat using exercise in addition to your diet is by way of High Intensity Interval Training (HITT).

HITT is not for everyone. Its short intense workouts about 20-30 minutes on average that are designed to burn as much as you would normally get in a full hour workout if not more, depending on the intensity you bring.

It’s effective and people that do it like it because it’s short in duration and produces great results.

If HITT is not for you then join a class, or a gym if you’re not already a member and get involved with some exercise.

You can find all kinds of exercise you can follow along with in your home if you’re not a gym person.

You can search for exercise on YouTube or Netflix and start following along. The key is to be consistent. Try out a few and then put them on your calendar at a specific period of time and commit to it like an appointment. Stay consistent with it for at least 21-30 days. If you stay true to yourself you will succeed.

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