Glycemic Index for Losing Weight Fast

Glycemic Index for Dummies Book

I got interested in the glycemic index in reference to a best abs diet approach as a result of a co-worker who was suddenly diagnosed with diabetes. She was overweight and physically impaired as a result of back injuries. So, much of her life was sedentary.

A routine physical and blood test resulted in a diabetes discovery. From that point forward she was forced to change her diet as well as inject herself with insulin, a total and unfortunate new way of life.

As a result of these changes she was forced to pay attention to her carb intake and started to follow the low glycemic food index to design her meals. At least twice daily she would have to test her blood sugar levels with a prick of the finger, another annoyance for sure.

The amazing part of this is that she lost a tremendous amount of weight in a very short period of time….like about 50lbs in 30 days. She said she wasn’t hungry as a result, felt great, and would be shopping for new clothes on the weekends. What this the key to weight loss and renewed energy?

What is the Glycemic Index?

The glycemic index is a list of foods categorized by their level of carbohydrates and their effect on blood sugar levels. The foods are assigned a number based on their effect on blood sugar. The higher the number the more insulin has to be released into the bloodstream to help the cells absorb the glucose.

Some people become insulin resistant. What this means is that their blood sugar levels remain high and the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to help the cells absorb the glucose. As a result either they need insulin injections or the excess of glucose in the Fat Belly Guybloodstream gets stored as fat. Untreated high blood sugar could result in blindness or other severe maladies. Insulin resistance is combated with a low glycemic style diet.

What’s interesting about following the glycemic index for your food choices is that you will be surprised at what you thought was bad selection for a food choice is better than choices you would normally have thought to be good. For example, brown rice is measured as a 74 on the glycemic index compared to baked French fry potatoes which has a 54 on the glycemic index, the lower the number the better.

Low Carbs for Ripped Abs

It all comes back to understanding carbohydrates and their effect on your body. For the people trying to get ripped abs they will have a limited intake of carbs in contrast to a big increase in their protein consumption.

If you’re ready to lose weight or really get lean and develop ripped abs, pick up a free copy of the “Glycemic Index for Dummies” and alter your diet accordingly.

For those who have trouble with trying to follow a diet due to schedule, inability to cook or lack of knowing what to do, get into a food program like Medifast or eDiets. These programs work and they have specific Glycemic style designed plans.

Stop wasting time wishing for a change and get into a system that works. Give it a try. All you have is to look better sooner!