Why doesn’t weight come off easy? Well, it doesn’t accumulate over night either. Weight gain happens overtime and with bad habits. Taking it off  is not going to happen over night either. However, with this 21 day approach you can lose a substantial and noticeable amount.

This diet approach occurs over three phases. If you eat under the guidance of the program you will see results in your first week. And once you see the results it will only make you more motivated.


The workout portion of the program was created to help accelerate the process. There are two styles. There is an exercise program designed with the equipment in a typical gym and there is a home workout program designed to use your body weight.


Staying focused and keeping your mind on the goal is a big part of winning the weight loss game. Once you start to see the results your belief system will be fired up and ready to achieve more. Motivation is  a part of this program and not only will the support you get keep you motivated it will help you keep the weight off for life.

This effective diet approach is unique, safe, and proven. Following the program will cause a substantial weight loss in a short amount of time and is the reason why people are draw to it. This is not a fad, or gimick. It is a lifestyle.

Dr. Michael Dansinger, the doctor who consults with the producers of the NBC hit show, The Biggest
Loser, states that “people can lose 20-pounds of weight in a week—if they do it right.”


How we gain and lose weight is genetically driven. This program will teach you how to use your hormones to your advantage. You will become aware of the foods that trigger a positive or negative hormonal response. That is valuable information you will use the rest of your life.

You will learn how to get off the weight loss roller coaster and approach the weight loss straight on instead of a roundabout approach. This will cause you to lose weight faster than you thought possible. Some have lost a pound of fat a day. This is the same approach actors and actresses use to get into shape as fast as possible.

This 21 day diet can accomplish what takes most diets 4-5 months to do. Most diets will fail because they are too slow and boring. The sacrifice to lose 1 lb. in a week hardly seems worth it. Following the program your weight loss will be apparent in your appearance, in loser fitting clothes, and feeling better. This will fuel your momentum. And those results can happen in a weeks time.

Pick up your FREE copy  of the 3 week diet report. You have nothing to lose but weight and time.