Want your Abs back? Overeating is Not an Exercise

Ice Cream n CandyIs your kitchen stocked with salty and sugary snacks? Are their chips in the pantry and ice cream in the freezer, all within easy reach when you hungry but not sure what your hungry for?

Sometimes its just something you want to munch on. Do you have the salty craving or is it the sweet craving this time? Well my friend your not alone. We all go through this wrestling match and there are several reasons why we struggle with having to seemingly continuously be eating something.

Thinking back to my high school years, the foods I used to eat would probably add an additional 10 lbs a week to me now. I am a big hamburger fan, still to this day, but I only go there as a treat. Love pizza too, and as a high school-er I could eat a large box pizza by myself and did on too many occasions.

Fortunately for me, I had a very fast metabolism back then in addition to being very active. Being older now, my metabolism has slowed down and I’m not nearly as active as I once was. Eating that old diet today would certainly be adding to my waist line quickly. So part of the issue is your up bringing. The foods you used to eat you cannot eat now if you want to get some tight abs.

Ab stretcher mealAnother part of the overeating issue is the availability of bad foods and portion size. Stopping by your fast food hamburger joint and getting a 500 calorie fry with your 310 calorie coke and your 540 calorie big mac is going to be putting you into the next pant size within a short period of time if this is a habit of yours. Calling for reforms in the food industry isn’t going to help, although it sounds good. It is a matter of choice. Do you have the self control? If not then your going to need to plan. Without an eating plan you’re more than likely to be pressured to eat something quick and convenient, for lunch anyway.

TIP – PLAN your meals….ALL of them. If you no longer have to choose between restaurant meals and know exactly what your going to eat and its part of your new nutritious lifestyle your are on your way to seeing your abs again.

Restaurant meals regardless of eating at a fine steak house or a fast food place have additional calories and fat that you can’t see nor limit in the preparation of that meal. I ate at one of the best steak houses in town for my birthday. The steak was the best I ever tasted. I asked the server how it was prepared. He told me it was submerged in butter before it was put on the grill.

Another part of the overeating is the sneaky calories. You know those calories that are sitting in a bowl at work at the receptionist desk. They are multi colored with upside down W’s. They subliminally sing your name similar to the taunting Ulysses encountered by the Sirens.  Only take one or two, right? Riiiiggghhhtt, how often do you take just one or two?

A lot has changed since the 80’s. That’s when it was noticed and well documented that America was now the fattest country in the world. Besides ample M&M’s at work, at the grocery store, at the gas station, at the restaurant and many other daily encounters, they now put candy bars in ice cream regularly. It’s not even a new thing anymore.

Today’s foods have been engineered to have the perfect saltiness, sweetness and fattiness. New sweeter chemicals and preservatives and a whole lot of other brain manipulating additives that are like dope to a druggie.  It is accessible everywhere making it difficult to avoid, especially with a craving.

These chemicals create stimulation in the brain. That stimulation creates a release of dopamine, which rewards the brain with feeling or pleasure. That is why chocolate and other soothing foods (ice cream) are consumed on a regular basis. Have a bad day, eat something that tastes good. Have the pleasure chemical released and you feel better. That association is a big part of the reason why you overeat, or eat bad stuff. You have got to break the cycle.

Another part of the overeating issue is that the chemicals in our engineered food also fly under our brains, “stop eating” radar. Your brain can’t detect your full when you eat a lot of junk or processed foods. Therefor you can eat more. Again, that relates to portion control. With no automatic brain trigger, your going to have to take the controls and fly manually.

TIPLIMIT your portions and stick to it.

Here are more tips to cut back on the overeating indulgence.

1. When you feel hungry, first drink a full glass of water. You may misinterpret your thirsty trigger as a hunger pang. It also will take up a little room in your stomach with no additional calories.

2. Buy good snacks, fruits and vegetables. Keep those goodies at eye level in the fridge and also the freezer. Put the bad stuff out of immediate sight, especially while in your crazed craving mood.

3. Plan your meals. If you know what your going to eat then you won’t go roaming so much.  See 8 Tips to Get Super Abs, Item 3.

4. Plan your snacks between your meals. This will cut back on your cravings. You will diminish the sweet and salty cravings if your plan your snacks as well. See 8 Tips to Get Super Abs

5. One of the most prone times to overeat is while watching TV. Your so entranced with your show, you unknowingly just shoved the last chip in the bag in you face. Try chewing gum. It will keep your mouth busy while watching TV. Very few calories in gum.

6. Don’t stay up too late. Chances are you will get hungry again or out of restlessness will want to eat something.

7. Substitute your old munchies with better choices. Try Kashi go lean cereal. I just had a dry bowl because I wanted something sweet. It has less sugar and fat than my protein bar, and it hit the spot.

If you not the type of person that is going to be able to plan, purchase and prepare your meals than I would suggest to you to try a program. I easily spend $500+/mo for my groceries. I’m a single guy. I don’t eat out much. It seems kind of pricey, but those are the facts and I have to put all the effort into it. If you want a program that you can choose from that is convenient, prepared, and within budget then try the medifast program. They have great success with it and it’s cost effective. You have nothing to lose but weight.