Ab Training Frequency

Chest down view of guys six pack absGetting a great set of abs is based on more than the frequency of ab exercises. Any muscle that is worked/trained needs adequate rest. During the rest period is when the muscle grows and gains strength. The best approach would be to work the abs directly every other day.

Ab exercises is only one part of getting ripped abs. Diet is a huge part of the equation if not the majority. You can work your abs all you want but if you’re stuffing your face with fat laden sugary foods your wasting your time working your abs. Creating a calorie deficit is what causes fat to melt away. Unfortunately you can’t spot reduce specifically your stomach area, weight drops off your body proportionately.

In addition to diet and ab exercises is cardio training. Cardio is a big component to burning fat and losing weight. Cardio is the accelerator to speeding up the fat burn off. Diet will naturally help you lose weight. Cardio exercise will do two things simultaneously, work the muscles, keeping them tone, while sweating the fat off (burning calories). The combination will cause noticeable change in a short amount of time.

The Secret Ingredient to getting Tight Abs

The final component to building a flat firm set of abs is core work. Core work is basically the trunk area of the body. Certain exercises work the core body parts in unison strengthening them differently than cardio and direct abs training.

Core exercises like the plank position (push up in the up position) helps work core muscles. Done properly the hands should be directly under the shoulders with your back completely flat. No sagging nor raised buttocks, flat as a board. Maintain that position and you will begin to feel a slight burn in the abs area.

Try doing a walking pushup forwards and backwards while maintaining proper posture, guaranteed to give you the lactic burn in the mid section. Pilates and yoga do a lot of core work and with those programs you can find some great exercises to incorporate into your abs program.

The Key to Getting Ripped Abs is a 4 Point Approach

1. Resistance training (Lifting weights or the use of resistance bands)

Resistance training is for the rest of your physical development in addition to your direct ab exercises. Resistance training builds muscle and you need to build muscle to burn fat. Here’s why, your body will naturally burn 3500 calories to maintain 1 lb of muscle. Resistance training is like turning up your body’s fat burning  furnace. Consistent resistance training causes a perpetual slimming effect.

2. Diet

The saying “You are what you eat,” holds some truth. Cut out white flour and sugar products for starters. Be aware there are many disguises for sugar, so read your food labels (      ). Increase your protein intake. Get informed and improve your diet for maximum effect.

3. Cardio

Cardio provides the aerobic approach to burning fat. It is typically a steady form of exercise, such as running, swimming, dancing and improves endurance. It utilizes and stimulates muscle growth differently,  which is part of the muscle confusion process.

4. Core Work

There are many core exercises to help build firm abs. Exercises that use several muscle groups to perform the exercise typically targets the core muscles or the trunk area of the body. The two best sources for core training is yoga and pilates.

How do you train all those areas for maximum effect?

The reason the 4 point attack works the best is because it creates muscle confusion. Resistance training can become stale and repetitive. Your body will eventually adapt to it and you will not burn as many calories as the first time you trained. You need to keep mixing it up.

The diet will feed those muscles and reduce calories if done properly. That will create the coveted lean look and the beginnings of six pack abs.

The cardio portion will sweat out the toxins and burn fat off, while creating better breathing and lung capacity.

The core work will eventually begin to cut up your already lean look and get you to six pack abs.

The best approach I seen to the complete approach is the P90X system. 12 DVDs offer the proper sequencing of training that brings intensity and muscle confusion. In addition the P90X program has an excellent diet program to supplement the training. This is a system that has proven to work for thousands of people and can for you too. If your serious about your six pack abs then check out Beachbody.com.