A British study found that eating more protein dense foods helps to burn calories. The study revealed that protein tends to be a hot burning food. Participants in the study were found to burn 71 more calories a day than their counterparts by eating more protein. That’s 7.4lbs off your abs per year.

Jump start your day with breakfast, two eggs and turkey bacon is a good start. I know a lot of people skip breakfast because it’s too much effort and their mornings are strategically planned to the minute on when you need to leave the house for work.

Two solutions for your morning rush out the door without breakfast. One, get up 15 minutes earlier and start a new habit. If you need that extra slap on the snooze then do step two. The point is you need to have breakfast to get your metabolism going and you need protein.

Step two, I know this is going to sound gross to some of you but I can tell you it’s not as bad as it sounds. I’ve been doing it over 25 years.

Two Minute High Protein Breakfast

Crack two raw eggs in a blender; add some low fat skim milk, protein powder and some fruit, like strawberries, banana or pineapple.  Blend and drink it on the way to work. I’m telling you, you won’t even taste the raw eggs. I tried the Rocky method drinking them raw from a glass and they came right back up on me. I don’t even think the yolks broke.

To make you high protein breakfast a tasty treat do this!

Peel your bananas and put them in the freezer. They will keep for about two weeks. That will make your protein shake have the consistency of a frosty….not that I have ever had one.  I also use frozen strawberries. To change it up replace strawberries with frozen mango. I got to tell you, it’s delicious and it’s a very healthy protein loaded mini meal. It’s also not bad for a dinner replacement.

Not eating breakfast may reduce your metabolic rate by 10% according to the director of sports nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh medical center.


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