Burn Stomach Fat by Adding Muscle

Having more muscle and less fat is the main reason the majority of us work out. We want to look  better with the added benefit of feeling more energetic and healthy.

For women there is always the fear of getting too big. Not to worry. You can cut back before it happens. Muscle is a metabolically active tissue, so you will naturally burn more calories in your normal daily activity by carrying more muscle. As you add muscle, you will need to eat more to fuel the growth.

As you age, you will eventually begin to lose muscle which will impede the function of daily tasks.

Here are some ways to add muscle.

1) Protein

Protein is the foundation for growing muscle, which can only occur if muscle protein synthesis (the transference for amino acid to the protein code) exceeds muscle protein breakdown.

What this means simply is that you need to fuel your muscles with good quality protein that exceeds the physical training muscle demands. If fueled properly you will have muscle growth.

With resistance training the response of muscle protein metabolism lasts for 24-48 hours after the training. This is the crucial time to be feeding the muscle high quality protein in adequate quaintly.  Diet plays a big part on protein absorption.

How much protein?

The general rule is 1gm of protein for every pound of body weight.  When meal planning, try to eat 7-10 gm of protein for every carb being served. This is a great approach to losing fat quickly while gaining muscle.

2) Overload

Challenging your muscles during training will add growth provided the fuel is adequate.

There are many ways to overload the muscle. Obviously, you will reach the limit of how much weight you can actually move. There are a few other ways to make your training more challenging. Here are a few.

1) More volume (weight x sets x reps)

2) Better density (volume / time)

3) More intensity (weight lifted)

Adding intensity will lessen the weight load. The muscles are fatigued and stressed over a shorter duration of time. I find this to be an excellent way to not only get the resistance I need but also get a bit of a cardio workout. It’s a good approach if you’re trying to lose weight.

No need to go after all three approaches in the same workout session. But it is good to mix it up.

3) Essential Fatty Acids

Some studies have indicated that fatty acids like omega-3 stimulate muscle proteins synthesis in older adults. Fish oil is a great source of essential fats. Every cell membrane in the body uses them as building blocks. An additional component to accelerate muscle growth.

4) Testosterone

Testosterone -The hormone that does a body good. It is known to increase muscle hypertrophy, lean body mass, strength, improve energy, increase libido, and even reduce your risk of a heart attack. It also correlated to a reduction in symptoms seen in aging males.  Resistance training is known to increase testosterone activity and another way to stimulate  muscle growth.

5) Exercise Selection

Muscle tissue responds directly to overload. Resistance training is necessary to build bigger and stronger muscles. If your short on time compound training is a good alternative that works several muscles in one movement. These are some good compound exercises.

Bench Press


Overhead Press


Pull Ups

It’s not always easy to get enough protein into your body throughout your day. Protein shakes are a great way to get a good dose of protein easily and effectively.