Six Pack Ab Concepts


An overview of what it takes to get six pack abs from a diet perspective.


Everyone has abs. Whether you can see the ab muscle or not is determined by genetics and diet. In order to see the ab muscles a man must get his percentage of body fat down to 10-12%, and for women a ratio of 15-17%.

There are many factors that affect how to get down to those ratio’s mainly by eating, exercise and sleeping well. All three of these are critically important but diet accounts for about 75% of your look. Garbage in is displayed in fat accumulation, garbage out.

Knowing what the eat, when to eat does not have to be complex once you understand how it works. The presentation above provides the basics.  For more detailed information read – What You Need to Know to Get Six Pack Abs.

Get a meal planner and use the mobile app to help. Another suggestion is to use SuperTracker. SuperTracker is a government nutrition website that tracks your nutritional information and helps you plan smarter meals to help you meet your goals.

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