Starting Point for a Flat Stomach 

Everyone would love to get a flat stomach and lose the belly fat displaying a ripped set of abs. Some people are gifted physically and can achieve the coveted chiseled abs with a little effort.

flat stomach of a girl with white shortsThe rest of us un-gifted mortals have to decide a plan of action in order to achieve at minimum, a flat stomach. Here are a few tips on burning stomach fat and chiseling out a flat stomach.

Fuel for Fat Loss

To get the most out of your morning run or workout, researchers suggest you eat a carbohydrate rich, high fiber breakfast before the workout burned twice as much fat as they do after a similar meal without the fiber.

Scientist also found that low fiber, refined carbohydrates raises the amount of insulin in your body, limiting the ability to use fat for fuel.

The tests showed that participants burned the most fat when they ate a meal consisting of a 1/2 cup of muesli cereal with 1.5 cups of milk and 2/3 cups of plain low fat yogurt. They burned the least when they ate a breakfast consisting of corn flakes and milk, toast and jam.

A Sweet Substitute to Avoid Fat Gain

The next time you have a craving for something sweet reach for a piece of fruit instead of a cookie. Interestingly enough in a study at Cornell University, found that people who ate a lot of sweet junk ate more fruits than those who avoided the sweet stuff. Of course eating the fruit provides anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals all necessary components to a healthy diet.

If you have a sweet tooth, than eat a piece of fruit before you reach for the candy. It will slow the craving down hopefully causing you to eat less junk. It also has some nutritional benefit with a lot less calories (see healthy snack ideas).

Melt Your Midsection by Doing This

If you want to amplify your fat loss and get to displaying a tight set of abs, then add some exercise to your diet plan. Wake Forest University researchers found that people who do both diet an exercise shrink their abdominal fat twice as much as those who diet alone.

The interesting part of this study is that both sets of participants lost the same amount of weight on average (22lbs.) but the diet and exercise group  lost more belly fat.

Researchers discovered that fat cells have different amounts of metabolic enzymes than other parts of the body and were found highly responsive to exercise.

If you find yourself having to eat fast food or other junk then pick up the “Fast Food Nutritional Guide” and make healthier choices.

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