Supermodel Diet Tips

Supermodels look great. How do they get into such great shape? Well part of it may be genetics. Some are just gifted that way.

Other models will starve themselves and it is obvious when you can see their bony body and ribs. It’s too thin and unhealthy. Some models will starve themselves and then binge eat. Others starve themselves and smoke cigarettes to cover the hunger. Nothing you would want to duplicate. If you going to get in shape then do it the right way. Learn what makes your body tic. If you pay attention to how your body reacts to food you will uncover the key to your system.

You almost always see very young models on the runway. It is easier to maintain your body when you are younger. Your metabolism runs at a much faster rate. Your digestion is quicker and fat is burned off easier.

So if you are comparing your body to a girl that’s 10-20 years younger than you keep in mind you’re at the disadvantage of age. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t get into great shape, it’s just that your going to have to work a little harder for it.

If you can stay committed, keep your eating discipline in check and hang in for some grueling physical workouts and you will be very happy with your figure.

What Do Supermodels Eat?

A day with Kate Moss revealed she has pro biotic yogurt, toast and fruit for breakfast. Lunch is typically grilled chicken and vegetables while dinner is mostly grilled fish and vegetables. Kate also makes it a habit to eat every three hours. That keeps the body in fat burning mode. Many bodybuilders and models can attest to this.

Kate is a gym girl. She usually works out 4 times a week and does mainly weight lifting and running.

Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel and Claudia Schiffer eat every three hours and they have amazing bodies!

Model Catherine Hurley starts her day with hot water and ginger, and takes milk thistle.

Eat breakfast It should be your biggest meal of the day. It wakes the body up and fuels it to start the day. If your up at 6:00am and lunch is at 12:00 you have a long ways to go before your next meal. If your running on coffee and a donut your running on fumes. Your shutting your engine down when you need to rev it up. When you metabolism is engaged you are burning calories.

Eat a big breakfast with a lot of carbs. The carbs are your fuel. The protein feeds the muscle. To maintain the muscle the body has to burn something. You want that to be fat. If you have nothing in your tank your body will go on auto pilot and trip a survival signal to maintain your body fat at all costs. So the first thing to go is your muscle. That is the grand design of your body. So learn to work it’s strengths and diminish its weaknesses. Enough said… a good breakfast. You will tailor down your meals as you go through your day eating less calories and carbs as you approach dinner.

A model agency professional, Sarah Doukas says, “Not eating breakfast can make models sluggish and hypoglycemic.’ You need slow-release carbs (fruits), protein (yogurt, eggs, turkey bacon) and fiber (multigrain bagel, english muffin) to get your day started. Eat complex carbs such as wholegrain bread and cereal or muesli with no added sugar, and include protein from eggs, milk, yogurt or lean meat to prolong the energy release.

Make your exercise fun and something you look forward to. It will keep you active and engaged and not feel like a chore.

Jodie Kidd plays golf and rides horses to keep active.

Many diet programs are difficult to maintain and manage. You end up trying to count calories….or is it carbs, while feeling deprived. What tends to happen is after you complete a 14 day cycle your off to binge and in no time you put the weight right back on.

Don’t deny yourself treats. That is the # 1 reason why dieters fail. They feel deprived and want a reward after going without for long periods of time, in addition to punishing physical workouts that leave you constantly sore. However, don’t binge. Moderation is the key according to model Helena

Christensen. “Eat enough of your favorite foods to enjoy the taste, but don’t overdo it.”

Also watch your portion control. Just because you are eating the right type of food doesn’t mean you eat like it’s thanksgiving at every feeding.

Depending on where your at in your weight loss program you are going to want to have some idea of how many calories you are consuming. If you know how many it takes to maintain your current weight then try reducing your calories to lose weight. It is ok to leave a little on the plate.

You will have to retrain the brain that it is good to leave a little behind.

Low-fat alternatives sometimes will leave you unsatisfied. If your feeling that way, then have the real deal, just eat a little less. You will enjoy the taste and feel fuller faster.

Dealing with cravings is a constant temptation. Cravings are typically triggered by thirst, boredom, depression, PMS or alcohol. Most cravings last 20 minutes. If you can redirect your attention you can get past it. Call a friend, send an email, floss your teeth, chew a piece of gum. Get outside and play with the dog, do something to break the thought.

Another tip from models; Go organic when you can. Organic foods are not saturated in pesticides, and other chemicals to enhance color, size and taste. Natural is always the better choice.

Elle Macpherson says, ” I try to eat organic as much as possible.”

Claudia Schiffer only eats organic. Fresh food is the best. Buy your meats from a local butcher instead of a supermarket. Avoid package foods and ready meals.