The Basics To Get Super Abs

 photo bowl of fruits and vegetables 250x350.jpgYou can’t help but turn you head and look at someone whether male or female who displays a defined set of abs. There is just something about 6 pack abs that is alluring and lets face it, sexy.

The fact is you can’t get those super abs from exercise alone.  As a matter of fact most professional trainers maintain that diet makes up at least 80% of the sculpture of those abs. If you are doing hundreds of crunches, lifting weights and doing cardio in between you still won’t get the full effect until you change your diet. Work on these 8 steps and you will make a significant improvement.


1. Nutrition

You need to think in terms of blood sugar levels in order to lose body fat. (see glycemic index) Each feeding should contain a protein a little carbohydrate and a little fat. Some protein sources will have fat in them and be sufficient.

2. Carbs to Protein Ratio

One of the best things you can learn is to eat protein with your carbs. You will not get super abs if the majority of your intake comes from carbs. Ideally more than half your caloric intake should come from protein sources.
So if you eat a carb food lets say an apple, then add some cottage cheese. If you eat some crackers hopefully multigrain then have a few ounces of turkey with it.

3. Timing

It’s not only what you eat but when your eat. You need to keep your engine running which means eating between 4-6 small meals a day, or 3 meals with 2 decent healthy snacks in between. This will help to maintain your blood sugar levels.

4. Calories

After you determine what your daily maintenance calorie intake is for your stature then you can start reducing your calorie consumption. You can eat well but if your eating too much you will not lose weight. This will take some experimenting and it will be crucial to keep your food journal. Reduce your normal maintenance consumption by 200 calories to lose additional weight.

5. Habit

You will need to be consistent in your program. Maintain your good eating habits and maybe have a single week end cheat day. You don’t want to make your program too strict where you can’t stay with it. Don’t go crazy on your cheat day neither. Try to keep the protein to carb mix employed in your cheating if at all possible.

6. Cardiovascular Exercise

Understand this about abs, you can’t spot reduce. So doing a thousand abdominal crunches a day will not bring you the coveted six pack look you desire. Cardio work is extremely important to losing weight. You will lose overall weight which will contribute to shedding the belly fat. Your cardio work needs to be no shorter than 30 minutes and longer is better. 60 minutes would be ideal. The higher the intensity the faster the belly fat comes off. If you simply jog undoubtedly you will burn calories. If you run some sprints mixed in with your jog you will burn more calories in that same 60 minutes.  Make your cardio count, do it intensely.

7. Resistance Training

Naturally you will do ab exercises to develop that sculptured 6 pack look. Be aware there are different exercises to hit the 8 different areas of the abdominal area. You will need exercise to hit your obliques or your sides (love handles), upper, middle and lower abs. (see ab exercises) Use weights or bands and work the other areas of your body. Do a lot of core work and that will help develop overall body strength. Core work is exercises requiring balance and strength, like push-ups or pull-ups. Core work is a lot of leg and ab work.  Dead lifts and squats will help overall strength and improve other areas of the body.

8. Employ Yoga or Pilates

These are excellent workouts to develop your core and really help focus on your abs. It is constant resistance which typically last 60 minutes or longer. You will sweat and burn some calories. It is a nice change to normal cardio or weight training activities and works your overall body. It is a great core work out.