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Anyone who works out or wants to be fit undoubtedly wants to improve their abs. I don’t see people strictly working out because they only want big arms or a big chest. Having a flat mid section is the crown of fitness.

A flat stomach displays great in bathing attire and even clothed. Besides the vanity of fitness, improving your abs is also a good way to improve your posture and lessen the burden on your back.

A strong core (entire trunk area of your body) is your body’s stabilizer. I was asked by someone in the gym if I would train him to develop his abs. As I am happy to help anyone interested in fitness however I can, I realized that HIS concept of getting great abs was doing ab exercises together. I thought this is a set up for failure because there’s a lot more to getting great abs than ab exercises. It takes a combination of fitness activity to get great abs.

It includes intense cardio work, resistance training, core training, ab exercises and a disciplined diet. A diet that is high in protein, low in simple carbs, and lots of nutrient dense foods, that will keep you feeling fuller longer with less calories.

Excuses don't burn calories showing fit girlGetting a flat stomach is more complex, but that is the overview for getting started on a great set of abs.

So what can you do to get your abs going as quick as possible? Wherever your at in your journey there is always room for improvement.

Incorporate these ideas into your program

To get great abs, you need to work them in a complete system including your entire core, abs, lower back, and pelvis. This entire region is a whole system that helps you stand up straight, perform activities and work out.

It’s important to strengthen all the muscles that make up your core. Working your abs is great but you need to balance it with working your spinal erectors.      

Quality over Quantity

When doing your ab exercises you may be tempted to rush your reps or push for a few more. The important thing to remember is to keep your form. You could hurt yourself and at the very least not get the most benefit by doing sloppy repetitions.

Your objective is to concentrate on measured, controlled movements, keeping your abdominals contracted the entire time. Also modifying your repetitions into pulses is a good variation to employ. Pilates is an excellent system for working abs and your core.  

Don’t Overdo It
A big mistake a lot of people make is they overwork their abs. Abs are actually a thinner muscle group than other muscles in your body.

Typically when trying to get back in shape, with the feeling your abs are the worst part of your body, you think more is better, not true. You should work your abs as often as your other body parts.

Just because their hiding behind a wall of fat doesn’t mean you work them more. Your don’t work your arms everyday and your arms are more dense than your abs. That is why it is important to attack your abs from several angles.

To get the fat off your need cardio work and a proper diet. I work my abs every other day. I am more concerned with the amount of time I work on them as opposed to the number of reps per exercise.

It is more important to go to the point of failure than to count to a certain number of repetitions. I find by doing this I am maximizing my time and not short changing my work.

I work my abs for 15 continuous minutes with a variety of ab exercises that target the upper, mid, lower and love handle areas. What makes this effective is knowing (planning) every exercise your going to preform in your allotted time in advance. Not taking a break in between sets is key to exhausting your muscles.

Work Your Entire Body

Any compound movement from push-ups to squats takes a lot of ab effort. Those exercises hit the primary muscles chest and legs respectively. Your abs are worked as a secondary muscle group, another reason you don’t have to work them everyday.

In addition to the resistance training it is necessary to include cardio work in your program.

The cardio exercise is what will burn the fat off. The ab exercises will define the muscle.

A full body work out will raise your metabolism and burn more calories.

The Cornerstone to Your Abs

The only way your going to see your abs is to lose body fat. A big part of losing that body fat is dependent on your diet.

You won’t get optimum results if you work out like a  maniac but eat poorly. Your going to have to feed those abs a high protein, fiber diet with elimination of sugars and white flour products or simple carbs.

When you put the proper diet together with a complete fitness program you will with time get the abs you desire.

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